Serving Those Who Serve

    We're here to serve your legacy.

    LCF supports givers with the resources and relationships they need to fulfill their unique legacies.

    Give so that your gift works.

    We closely investigate and interview opportunities to make the most impact possible together.

    Friends don't let friends give alone.

    While you establish your family's legacy, we'll work to protect it.

    • Discover and articulate your unique generosity plan.

    • Know which causes are prepared for your support.

    • Involve your whole family in multi-generational legacy.

    Who do you go to for inspiration, consultation, and connection for your legacy?

    If you’ve ever experienced…

    How do you shift the investment of your life from success to significance? The process isn't the same for everybody, so we won't walk you through a program. Instead, we'll listen deeply and follow up closely to ensure your legacy's future.

    Jared Buswell

    Executive Director, Legacy Covenant Foundation

    We are givers like you.

    With decades of experience behind the scenes of nonprofit boards, foundation grant committees, missions administration, church staff, educational leadership, and relationship development, we've gained some perspective we'd like to freely share with you when you have a moment.

    Those of us on the same kind of journey to make maximum use of our talents should walk together. We can use one other's gifts, talents, and perspective to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities we see. Legacy Covenant provides the confidential space we need to grow one another and the world around us.

    Fruit that lasts is fruit that multiplies. Here are the steps to produce yours.

    We can conduct the whole process on our mobile community app, or any other platform of your choice.

    1. Schedule a consultation to clarify what God would have you accomplish.

    We'll ask questions, pray, research, consult, and repeat until God-breathed answers are clear. This step is stress relieving and enlightening.

    2. We'll prepare vetted options worthy of investment to pray over with you.

    Working among our existing or new relationships, we'll use our experienced eyes to discern causes that fit your vision and are competent to receive your support.

    3. Together we'll write a giving plan to execute and monitor for 6-24 months.

    Using our dedicated processes, you'll receive a written plan with clear goals for your giving and fruit we can all expect to see God produce from your investment.

    We Get It

    Grant recipients need to focus on their mission, so they often don’t have bandwidth for yours. That’s why we serve you AND the best possible impact in the middle of the relationship.

    We measure each recipient of our grants according to rigorous F.A.V.O.R. standards of reliable and impactful fundability.


    The potential recipient demonstrates capacity to maximize their current resources before others'.


    The potential recipient is connected with other like-minded services and operates transparently.


    The potential recipient has a clear, sustainable vision that aligns with your vision for giving.


    The potential recipient has the right people serving in the right places to accomplish their mission.


    The potential recipient can articulate clear outcomes for specific kinds and sizes of support.

    Services We Deliver

    Let us know how we can help you.

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    • Develop Family Giving Philosophy

      Legacy Covenant will work with you and your selected family members to discern the best plan for your generosity investment to fulfill a multi-generational legacy.

    • Biblical Generosity Workshops

      Legacy Covenant can deliver engaging training to your location or online to connect your plan with objective truth. We connect current facts with universal principles to produce useful counsel.

    • Vetted Giving Opportunity Research

      Legacy Covenant represents you and your giving values when we visit, review, and vet ministries on your behalf. Our experienced consultants know just what to look for.

    • Establish a Donor-Advised Fund

      Legacy Covenant's donor advised funds enable you to grant to recipients on your planned schedule - not the IRS's. We'll handle secure deposits, reports, and reduce your paperwork.

    • Anonymous Giving Mechanisms

      Legacy Covenant's grantmaking services enable you to give anonymously one-time or on a recurring basis, while still empowering you to maintain direct relationship with the recipient yourself or through us.

    • Covenant Hub Givers' Community

      Legacy Covenant's online community helps you meet more like-minded leaders making a change through the ministry of generosity. We personally interview every member.

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